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It's so much easier for me to write bios for the rest of the team than to write one for myself.  But here goes nothing!  I started in the face paint and body art business over 20 years ago while trying to come up with a fundraising idea for the small, rural library I directed for 11 years.  The chance to create, to be challenged by crazy art requests, and to bring smiles to kids of every age, brought me to a form of creative expression I just can't do without.  From face painting I moved on to Henna, then glamour photo shoot body painting, and now I've fallen in love with creating realistic temporary airbrush tattoos. I'm no longer a librarian, but I still work a 9-5 job while running my art biz on the side (Which goes a LOOOONG way towards maintaining my sanity!)  I'm pretty proud of my crew and consider myself the luckiest gal to have the honor to work with them at the coolest events in the neatest locations.  Let me introduce you to my Artistic Temperament Design Family...



Get to Know Us

Our Artists help each client experience a unique style and design through Theatrical Grade Body Makeup, Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Paints,  and All Natural Henna Paste to express their individual personality and spirit.  While we have many standard designs to choose from, it's ALWAYS a better value to let us "Free-Style" as you tend to get a more intricate and detailed design for what you've already paid.

We love for you to share your design concepts and suggestions and are happy to either incorporate them into an existing design OR create a unique design just for you!



With a degree  in Historical Costuming and Design, paired with over 20 years of Neo-Traditional Henna Design and Technique, Jennifer brings a steady hand, an eye for detail, and some pretty cool anecdotes from her years as Ozzfest's henna artist. Give her an appendage, ask her to tell you the story about the time she met Snoop Dogg, then sit back and watch the magic happen



Retired USAF Veteran, Drummer, and Life Long Artist, Carlos joined our team in 2017, starting as our Booth Assistant & Roadie, but once we figured out he could paint, we added that to his responsibilities as well!  His quick wit, mega-watt smile, and great rapport with kids of all ages, makes us feel lucky to have him on our team



Joining us from the worlds of Cosplay and Lolita Fashion, Vanessa brings a sense of ghoulish, girlish whimsy to her designs.  This lady can paint the most delicate tea rose one moment, then turn around and pop out an exact replica of some obscure anime character the next. You'll recognize her by her crimson hair and her fashion flair, but you'll come to know her for her talent and positive attitude

Our Team in Action


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